We believe it is in the nature of the arts to hold up a critical mirror to society, and to break down barriers between its different groups. But is our sector fully reflective of the communities we live in?  

This debate is about the urgency to open up the arts to all of society - to all the classes, ethnicities, physical abilities, and backgrounds that constitute it.


Pierre Bourdieu est considéré comme un des représentants les plus éminents de la sociologie française contemporaine. Au confluent d’une triple tradition, celle de Marx, de Weber et de Durkheim, il est considéré comme le représentant d’une « école sociologique », celle du structuralisme génétique ou structuralisme critique.
‘Een spijtig zwart-witdenken’: dat leek de rode draad in de reacties op de opinie van Tunde Adefioye over Theater Aan Zee. Deze houding schuift een kritiek opzij die veel dieper gaat dan de zichtbare kleuren van makers en publiek in het Oostendse Leopoldpark. Als het de podiumkunstensector echt menens is met ‘diversiteit’, moet de heersende witte klasse haar dominantie onder ogen willen zien.
Hoe kun je je als jonge kunstenaar verhouden tot de erfenis van het Europese kolonialisme? Theatermaker Ogutu Muraya, die onlangs zijn masteropleiding aan het Amsterdamse DAS Theatre afsloot, verbindt in zijn lecture-performance Fractured Memory persoonlijke herinneringen aan de recente geschiedenis van zijn thuisland Kenia met het eerste Congres van zwarte schrijvers en kunstenaars van 1956 in de Sorbonne in Parijs.
In the 80s, Kimberlé Crenshaw, Professor of Law and Critical Race Theory at Columbia University as well as UCLA, conceived the term intersectionality in order to better encompass the discriminatory situation women of colour were facing.
Dans le cadre des recherches pour le #133 d'Alternatives Théâtrales, nous avons recueilli des propos d’artistes, de directeurs de structures et de représentants d’institutions, en France et en Belgique. Ces paroles sont passionnantes, polémiques, souvent émouvantes et très stimulantes. Nous publions chaque semaine des extraits sur le blog, et présentons la totalité des textes dans cette publication sur le site. Plusieurs personnes ont participé activement à la récolte de ces témoignages : Christian Jade, Laurence Van Goethem, Antoine Laubin, Nancy Delhalle (Alternatives théâtrales), Lisa Guez...
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The income gap between men and women is wider in the arts than the average gap across all industries in Australia, research shows. This gap appears to be especially evident for female writers, visual artists and musicians.
Cultural work with refugees has a long history. It is a contentious area. Instrumental approaches to cultural work with refugees raise significant issues. This briefing outlines the contentions, provides a theoretical basis for the work, gives leading examples of cultural work with refugees, including work that promotes intercultural understanding and work that promotes fear. It outlines key findings and recommendations, which have a substantial focus on ethical engagement, aesthetic importance and societal wellbeing.
This briefing paper explores cultural work with refugees in Europe, analysing the current funding programmes of the European Union. The paper particularly focuses on the Erasmus+, Creative Europe and Europe for Citizens programmes. The findings are complemented by case studies and feedback from EU-funded projects under each programme. The paper provides recommendations for the future EU programme generation.
A week or so back, Unlimited’s Senior Producer Jo Verrent met up with the Enablers connected to Eclipse Theatre’s Slate movement to talk about working with disabled artists. Here’s a list of some of the questions they discussed, and some of the answers they arrived at…
Diversity is a hot topic in UK performing arts as organisations try to better reflect their communities. But are there issues that are still neglected? In the second of a series of two blogs, find out what artists and practitioners think we should be discussing but aren't...


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