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We are looking for new members for our Advisory Committee

Are you interested in getting more involved in IETM’s life? We are looking for 4 new members for our Advisory Committee - the think-tank responsible for steering the network’s direction and maintaining close relations with the membership.

Advisory Committee’s role

The Advisory Committee is a self-organised and non-statutory body and constitutes the broader representation of the membership in the governance of the network. They support the Secretariat in building relations with (potential) stakeholders and give feedback on proposed actions, policy papers and other strategic matters.

How to apply?

Read the IETM Governance Structure and submit your application form before the 11th of November. Please note that your nomination should be supported by three different IETM members.

We aim for the composition of the Advisory Committee to be as diverse as possible in terms of gender, age, geographic location, size of the organisation, professional roles, identity etc. 

What happens next?

The Board of Directors and Advisory Committee will meet prospective applicants during IETM Rijeka Plenary Meeting (24-27 October 2019). It is not a requirement for the applicants to be present, however, it would be a great opportunity to meet in person. 

The selection process will be finalised by January 2020 and the selected candidates will be voted on during the General Assembly in IETM Tromsø Plenary Meeting (30 April - 3 May 2020).

Testimonies of current and past Advisors

Why did you decide to apply for the Advisory Committee? 

“I realised that I turned to IETM meetings with my own agenda and so many things were happening in the network that I didn't understand so I wanted to learn and contribute some of my own experiences.”

Pippa Bailey - Independent Producer, Australia (Advisory Committee member 2016-2019)

“I wanted to do more for the organisation than simply attend and regularly moderate one of the topical groups. I was also interested in benefiting from those advisory conversations as they are quite enlightening about priorities and problems affecting us all.” 

Stéphane Noël - Materialise, Hong Kong (Advisory Committee member 2012-2015)

In brief, what have you gained by being a member of the Advisory Committee?

“Becoming aware of the "deep time" in which the European decisions regarding the sector are taken, the great impact of those EU decisions in the national levels and the discreet way in which they are designed.”

Carlos Costa - Visões Úteis, Portugal (Advisory Committee member 2013-2016)

“I have learnt so much from being on the Advisory and taken a leading role in the development of the inclusion strategy and also raising awareness about the Climate Emergency.”

Pippa Bailey - Independent Producer, Australia (Advisory Committee member 2016-2019)

Why should other members apply for the Advisory Committee?

“If you are interested in intercultural work then this is invaluable experience and a great way to develop your skills. I thought I knew a lot when I joined and after almost four years on the Advisory I respect how much I don't know and have still to learn.”

Pippa Bailey - Independent Producer, Australia (Advisory Committee member 2016-2019)

“Because it will give them a closer look at their own organization and, of course, because the more experience you have the more responsibility you must accept; I mean, when you join as a member, some other people are in the boards, so sooner or later, you - or someone like you, must be in the boards too. And this, pretty much goes for everything in life"

Carlos Costa - Visões Úteis, Portugal (Advisory Committee member 2013-2016)

Important practicalities

  • Advisors meet online via Zoom every first Wednesday of the month at 11:00 CET.
  • Advisors have an informal dinner with the Board and the Secretariat on Wednesday evening before the start of each plenary meeting. 
  • Advisors and the Board meet on Thursday mornings from 10:00 to 12:00 at each plenary meeting. 
  • Advisors help facilitate the Talks and Listens sessions and the Advisors’ Corner, which takes place at each plenary meeting. 

Taking part in the Advisory Committee is a voluntary activity with no remuneration or reimbursement of travel costs to the meetings.